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Internships and Job Shadowing


If you are a Veterinarian or a Certified Veterinary Technician, and are interested in working at a place where you can enjoy your job, give us a call. We may or may not have a job for you at this time, but we would love to meet you at least, and sooner or later a position will become available that might fit you like a glove!


We have most or all of the typical toys and have a history of being willing to buy the things that we need. We have a history of associate veterinarians having a lot of influence here. A single practice owner avoids “decision making by committee”. We have a clear culture that defines consistent ways of how we will respond to things that come up. That culture is principle based, and emphasizes treating people (clients or other staff members) with human dignity. We work hard, we do our best to do a good job, and we have a lot of fun in the process. The fact that we are not right next to a referral clinic means that our docs have more opportunity to develop skills in special interest areas than some urban clinics that choose referral, a very cool aspect of our job here. We have a broad base of clients that represents every demographic, which provides stability to our business and also provides challenges for all of our staff (being a great doc here means being great at medicine and surgery AND being a great communicator who can optimize the compliance in a wide range of situations, so that the patient and client are comfortable with how they move forward). We have a history of mentorship that extends beyond the typical areas, we bend over backwards to help our new staff grow (sometimes even in ways they don’t feel like growing) and are willing to train new docs in advanced skill sets as well as the basics. We have a compensation structure that promotes cross training and helping each other out, it does not pit vets against one another. We work hard here, and we have a history of having each other’s backs – balancing the demands of being a veterinarian with the demands of our personal lives is a lot easier when the other people you work with are proactive with willingness to help, we all try our best to help each other out. We have a history of implementing special interest areas that our docs have, whether that is in rehabilitation, orthopedics, dental, exotics, etc. One unique aspect of our shop is the degree to which the client and the patient are the acclaimed hero’s. We promote the experience that they have from their perspective, above the experience that they have from our “veterinary” perspective.


We focus on maintaining great relationships with coworkers and clients (and patients!!!). All of us are CVT’s. All Pets Clinic not only utilizes us but heavily depends on us, and respects us accordingly. We rotate every day through a rotation including the dental area, surgery area, lab, rover, etc. That rotation is the same for all of us regardless of how long each of us has worked here. So there is a lot of variety and it keeps things interesting because we don’t have to worry about doing the same thing all the time. We get to use all of the skills we have learned in school plus advanced skills that we learn here. For example we all use our digital radiography, digital dental radiography, high speed dental machine, ultrasound, etc. The ultrasound has a camera and internet connection that allows a remote ultrasound tech to see the screen and the position of the our probe, so we are involved in actually performing the ultrasounds and can attain an ultrasound certification. We recently expanded and remodeled our facility. All of our medical records are on the computer (no paper records to search for!), and there are computers with monitors in each room for medical records, showing clients radiographs, and playing educational materials. We are interacting with clients all the time, and being a great CVT here means being great at our CVT skills AND being a great communicator and caretaker who really can impact the experience that our patients have!

Internships and Job Shadowing

At All Pets Clinic we also offer opportunities for those looking to complete an internship or to participate in Job Shadowing. We have found those experiences to be beneficial for all involved and work hard to provide a good and productive experience for anyone visiting our clinic!!

Just give us a call or email if you have any interest!!