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Buyer Beware: Purchasing Products that Perform

Unfortunately we saw another pet this week that had been treated for ear mites three times with a product purchased at a discount store, the poor little guy still had ear mites (and the owner was justifiably frustrated)! This situation (usually it involves flea/tick products) has occurred frequently enough with either discount supermarkets or products purchased on-line that we felt the subject deserved some space here. The following are some things many of our clients are not aware of:

The products we carry have good guarantees. For example, if your pet has fleas, and you use 3 doses of Frontline and she still has fleas, the manufacturer will pay for treatment and diagnostics from there. There are similar guarantees with the other products we sell, and we help get the manufacturer on board when there is a problem. Because of how on-line pharmacies care for the products in their warehouses, the manufacturers do not honor the guarantee.

We assure the products we store are cared for properly so they work as expected. On-line pharmacies buy products like Frontline “sideways” – they find a vet who buys it from the company and then re-sells it to the on-line pharmacy. Those products go to warehouses where they are not always properly stored, which affects how they work. There have actually been cases of counterfeit product getting into these warehouses.

We have a long line of clients who have purchased flea/tick/ear mite products while “getting the groceries” and ended up several weeks later paying us for products that are more effective and watching their pet endure extra time being infested. Sad but true.

Pricing – we price all of our flea, tick, heartworm, and ear mite product equal to 800-PET Meds. Our prices are updated monthly so that we stay competitively priced.

From us you can buy one dose, two doses, twelve doses – whatever meets your needs best.

We have tiered pricing on those products so that you save money by buying multiple doses.

We also pass on the company promotions to you. So for example, if you buy 6 Frontline you get 1 free. If you buy 6 Revolution you get 1 free, if you buy 12 Heartgard, you get a $5.00 rebate.

Also, you get 10% off during our annual Wellness Clinic!

And last but not least, our staff all know how to use these products. Effective treatment is partly good product and partly using the product correctly, and our staff will help you to get your money’s worth by using them so they work best!

Let us know any questions!

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