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Giving your Pet a Bath

Just a real quick one – many of our clients give their pets a bath at home. One way to get your dog to be more cooperative for this little project is to smear peanut butter (or liquid cheese) on the sides of the tub. It takes them 10-15 minutes to lick it off, they hold still and shake suds around less! This is especially helpful when giving medicated baths that require waiting 10-15 minutes before rinsing the lather off.

Cats are famous for disliking getting into water – try propping a window screen up so that one end is on the tub floor and one end is up on the edge of the tub. Put your cat on the screen – they have something to dig their claws into and you can use a cup to pour water over them.

For those of us with sore backs, try giving your small pet a bath in the kitchen sink, or if he / she is a little big for that, get a plastic tub that can sit on your counter top and has a drain plug so that you can drain it into your sink (putting a bath towel under the plastic tub will keep it from sliding as much).

I hope all of you have a great day!

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