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My Morning at Work!

My Morning at Work!
Christy Stone, DVM
All Pets Medicine, Surgery, and Rehabilitation Clinic

Wow, I just read last week’s blog from Dr. Klein and now it’s my turn and somehow I’m not sure I’m as articulate as he is!

Just like Dr. Klein, this is also my first time ever writing a blog. I hope you will all entertain me and not “unfriend” us on face book if my performance is less than stellar! Ha!

As I was thinking about what to write, I thought I’d do my first blog on something “fuzzy”. No pun intended smile

I really had a great morning at work today…. and here’s what it looked like…..

7:00 am—I stopped by our local humane shelter and picked up a kitty cat to come to work with me and be spayed. Meadow is a beautiful tiger striped, one year old female, who greeted me by trying to climb onto my head!

8:00 am – I strolled into the office with my pumpkin spice Casey’s cappuccino in hand and was greeted by our buzzing technicians getting things ready for the day. I am truly blessed to work with the people I work with. Our technicians are all very knowledgeable, trained professionals, but most of all they are some of the most compassionate, fun-loving people that I know.

8:05 am – I got to meet Courtney. Courtney is the reason I am having such a great day and decided to write this blog. Courtney is a veterinary technician student at the Minnesota School of Business and was here to shadow our staff this morning. I absolutely love seeing people find their passion in this world and getting excited about their future. I think that sometimes we get so comfortable doing what we do that we forget how amazing and wonderful our jobs really are. This morning I was reminded of that….that feeling the first time you calculate a drug dose, the first time you give an injection, the first time you glove up for surgery, the first time you try to pull blood and actually succeed!! Then there are the emotional firsts: the first time you help save an animal’s life, the first time you see a puppy or kitten being born (or any other of God’s creatures), the first time you help a stray pet find its forever home, and the first time you sit with a family who has lost a dear friend. Eight years into my career, I still have plenty of “firsts”, but they are getting farther between yet never less satisfying at the end of the day. The other thing I love about being around people like Courtney is they have lots of questions. Questions must be answered and it drives all of us to dust off those old files in our brains that we maybe haven’t used in awhile. After I’ve really had to think about something and then proven to myself that I really do know it, I am always thankful for those never ending student loans.

8:10-12:00– So, to finish out the morning, we helped 3 sick pets, spayed 3 cats, neutered one cat, neutered two rabbits, and fixed the partridge in the pear tree! smile I hope that you all are having as wonderful of a day as I am! Now back to work!

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