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Our Clinic

View to the left from the entrance – the kind of smile all of our clients get when they walk through the door.  Notice the two hooks to attach your pet’s leash while you are at the reception desk!

View to the right from the entrance – you can see the waiting area and exam room off in the distance.

Waiting Area

Waiting Area

PST machine

Our exam room.

Our treatment room is very busy. To the right you can see the back of the gas anesthetic machine. Then the treatment table / tub (set up for doing a dental cleaning, also used for baths).  Can see the electric lift table with the kitty carrier on it, behind that is the recovery area (small and large patient rooms for our patients who are waking up from surgery), and our x-ray area is at the far end of this room.

The Treatment table set up for a dental.  All of our patients receiving dental cleanings have a tube placed that protects their airway and attaches to the anesthetic machine.  The tartar is removed, then all of the nooks and crannies are cleaned with the water scaler, and then the teeth are polished to smooth any scratches in the enamel (just like when we have our teeth cleaned!).  Just like with people, we sometimes find dental problems that require dental x-rays and treatment – we always call the patient’s family to discuss these things before moving forward!

Small recovery rooms – you can see several patients who are waking up from surgery, all bundled up nice and warm.  The central location of these rooms makes monitoring them as they wake up easy for our technicians.

Certified technicians Tracy and Jamie taking x-rays of a very cooperative patient’s chest!

X-Ray machine

X Ray Digital Processor

Large Hotel Rooms in kennel room

Tracy feeding our boardersReady for a weekend of R and R

Turn on the ESPN please

Kennel Small Hotel Rooms

Chow Time

Incubator for patients who are cold

Happy boarder!

Our lab allows needed test results to be in our hands within minutes!!


Lisa doing lab work

Our Pharmacy

Back to the front reception area where Lisa is taking care of one of our great clients.  All of our staff are technicians, we do not have receptionists.  The Technicians rotate between the reception area and the patient care area … this requires them to be able to wear a lot of important caps (being good in both areas is a high expectation!).  But it streamlines things for our clients – whoever they get on the phone or across the reception desk is trained and experienced  to answer their questions.  This approach has worked very well for us and our clients.

Booty is chillin’ on the reception desk.  You can see the entrance in back of him, that is where the technicians will see you enter!

Where all good tours should end.  The Breakfast of Champions according to Dr. Klein, who serves coffee to any staff who want it (he is always trying to get everyone to drink coffee!).  Ahhh the pressures of the work place!!